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The taxi fare is is affected by the day of the week, time of the day, waiting time, the distance traveled, the time elapsed when traveled and the number of passengers.

According to state regulation *) the basic fare for a taxi ride on weekdays between 6am - 8pm and on saturdays between 6am-4pm is 5,90 euros. At other times the basic fare is 9,00 euros. Fare classes are four.

Two under 12-year old are count is one person when calculating the fare. Time of wait is charged 47,04 euros per hour. Wait fare migth be charged if taxi waits customer or taxi moves unusually slow example because of traffic..

Fare Class Persons eur per km
I 1-2 1,60
II 3-4 1,91
III 5-6 2,07
IV over 6 2,23

Additional charges

Pre-order charge
A fee of up to € 7.10 may be charged when the carriage has been ordered at least 30 minutes before the customer's departure time.

Airport charge
A fee of up to € 2.50 may be charged if the taxi is due to reach the airport terminal to pick up a customer.

Freight transport charge
A fee up to € 2,80 can be charged for transporting large objects or animals.

Charge of assistance
A fee of up to € 15.70 may be charged if the customer needs assistance from pickup location to the car or assistance in the destination location.

A fee of up to € 31,40 may be charged if customer is helped like above and will be helped by hand or with the specific CE-marked stairclimber in the buildings inner or outer staircases.

A fee of up to € 29.20 may be charged if the customer is assisted by a stretcher and transportation requires the use of a special taxi.

Prices includes taxes 10%
*)State regulation of taxi transport customer prices can be found at www.finlex.fi